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Cooper Genealogy

Compiled by W.W. Cooper
(Washington, D.C., 1879)

Appended to papers presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the New York State Historical Association, held October 3-5, 1916, in Cooperstown
Published in the Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association, Vol. XVI, pp. 193-211, 1917.

Placed on-line with the kind authorization of the New York State Historical Association
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{TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This genealogy has been transcribed essentially as printed, except for typographical changes required by on-line presentation. It is not always consistent in content or organization, and has been to some extent superseded by subsequent materials. -- HCMacDougall}

First Generation

JAMES COOPER of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, born 1661, died December 4, 1732; married (1st) Hester ----- (d. 1706) of whom biographical notice in "The Friend," a Quaker journal, volume 28, page 51 (8 children); married (2d) Mary Borrows, in 1722; (no children). Mary is named in the will of her husband, but was buried with him, on the same day, as shown by the record of Racestreet Meeting, Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Gazette of December 7, 1732.

The name of James Cooper as witness is on many deeds recorded at Philadelphia in the course of forty years. He witnessed the will of John Jennings in 1688, but the original is doubtless among papers bearing on a legal contest now pending in England. The actual signature of James Cooper is on the Friends petition of 1694 addressed to William III, King of Great Britain (original in possession of Historical Society of Pennsylvania) and on the original in the Philadelphia Library of another petition, in the year 1710, given at page 29, volume 4, of Hazard's Register. Also on legal papers of 1698, 1708 and 1723, yet on file at Philadelphia. Arch-street Meeting records him in 1698 as purchaser of the "Old Bank Meeting House" described at page 378, volume 1, of "Watson's Annals of Philadelphia." In 1705 he applied to meeting for a certificate when intending to visit Barbadoes, and again in 1714, when he designed to visit New England. In the same records his name appears frequently as witness at marriages.
     Martindale's History of Byberry st page 46 mentions that James lent £50 to rebuild the meeting house, and was repaid in 1723. In the same history, page 301, he is recorded as a signer of the traveling certificate of a prominent member of Byberry meeting.
     During thirty years James was a storekeeper at the northwest corner of Arch street and Second street, Philadelphia. On Arch street his ground extended 455 feet toward Third street, but was only 51 feet deep.
     James wrote his will in July 1732. The original (No. 296) is recorded at Philadelphia in Will Book E, page 219. As the will had not been signed, the estate was distributed among heirs by a partition deed, G. 6, page 419, August 2, 1734.
     At Trenton, N. J., in Gloucester records, G 1 pages 39-79. Deeds for land September 21 and 22, 1682, from Edward Byllynge, proprietary of West Jersey, to James Cooper, of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, "out of ye good will and kindness which for ye truth's sake he beareth unto ye said James Cooper."
     In 1683 James bought a lot on Chestnut street, Philadelphia (opposite the marble custom house). On October 20, 1685, he sold the Jersey land and settled in Philadelphia. He was of the petit jury in 1686, and foreman of the grand jury in February 1701, O.S., at Philadelphia.
     Named there in Exemplification Record A 1, page 65, 1683; also in deed E 1, volume 5, page 461, grantee, 1686; deed F 1, page 282, grantee, 1687; deed E 2, page 89, grantor, 1688; deed E 2, page 294, grantor 1695; deed E 2, page 230, grantee, 1695; deed E 7, volume 8, page 10, grantee, 1695, therein styled "merchant"; deed E 7, volume 8, page 10, grantor, 1700; deed G 1, page 89, grantee, 1705; deed E 7, page 78, grantee, 1711; deed E 7, page 350, mortgage, 1716; deed H 17, page 152, grantee, 1716, witnessed by Mary Groom, for land bought of her father, Thomas Groom and Elizabeth, his wife; deed E 1, volume 5, page 461, acknowledged, 1718; deed G 1, page 99, grantor, 1719; deed G 4, page 278, grantor, 1719; deed F 4, page 229, grantor, 1719; deed F 2, page 243, grantor, 1720, for land to his son Benjamin; deed H 1, page 43, grantee, 1723; deed E 7, page 350, satisfied, 1723; deed I 7, page 315, grantor, 1724; deed H 17, page 154, grantor, 1725, for land to his son Samuel.
     At Doylestown, Buck's county, Pa.: Deed Book 13, grantee and grantor, 1727.
     At Philadelphia: Deed F 10, page 238, grantor, 1728; deed E 10, page 410, grantor, 1729; deed D 53, page 327, grantor, 1731.
     The deed recorded in F 10, page 238, year 1728, recites that the ground on Arch street, thereby conveyed, was bought by James Cooper in 1686 (deed E l, volume 5, page 461). The conveyance is indorsed: "On the 14th day of June, A.D. 1732, came the within named James Cooper, and brought the within written conveyance, which he acknowledged to be his deed," &c.
     A11 the city property conveyed by deeds above indicated, remained on ground rent for distribution, in accordance with a partition deed signed by the heirs in August 1734.

Second Generation

Esther (Cooper) Hussey is mentioned in deed G 6, page 419, at Philadelphia, 1734; deed H 1, page 47, at Philadelphia, 1734; deed H 1, page 53, at Philadelphia, 1734; deed D 50, page 31, at Philadelphia, 1735; deed D 50, page 38, at Philadelphia, 1735.
Named in will of his grandfather, Will Book #, page 219, at Philadelphia, also in deed F 8, page 11, 1734; deed G 6, page 419, 1734; and in the will of his uncle Samuel (original No. 207), Will Book I, page 322.
Race street burial record names Joseph as son of James and Hester Cooper. All the other sons and daughters are named in the inchoate will, Book E, page 219, at Philadelphia.
Will of Samuel dated June 1, 1750, probated November 24, 1750, book I, page 322, Philadelphia, original, No. 207, names deceased brother William, his widow Mary (Groom) Cooper, and their children, Thomas, James, Joseph and Samuel, and daughters (Rebecca and Letitia). Names also sisters, Esther Hussey and Rebecca Kelley, and his nephew James. The testator is named at Philadelphia in: deed D 50, page 29, 1724; deed H 17, page 154, 1725; deed F 8, page 11, 1734; deed G 6, page 419, 1734; deed H 18, page 139, 1734; deed H 1, page 47, 1734; deed H 2, page 618, 1734; deed H 17, page 149, 1734; deed D 50, page 38, 1735; deed F 7, page 70, 1735; deed D 50, page 31, 1735; deed F 10, page 191, 1735; deed G 6, page 748, 1737; deed G 2, page 180, 1739. His lands were in Philadelphia county, and Bucks county, Pennsylvania.
Will of Thomas Groom, original No. 20, at Philadelphia, Will Book F, page 22, dated October 1, 1736, probated December 29, 1736 (witnessed by Samuel Cooper) names his daughter, Mary Cooper, executrix. Her will is at Philadelphia, No. 184, recorded in Book P, page 290.
     In tax list, 1735, William Cooper is rated for 150 acres of land in Byberry township. Named also at Philadelphia in his father's will; also in deed G 6, page 419, 1734; deed F 8, page 248, 1735; and others conveying parts of his father's estate.
Named there in: deed F 2; page 243; 1720, for land Moreland township, now of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania; deed I 9, page 61, 1726; deed G 6, page 419, 1734; deed H 1, page 47, 1734; deed H 18, page 37, 1734; deed D 50, page 38, 1735; deed F 7, page 331, 1735; and in the will of.his father, recorded at Philadelphia, Book E, page 219.
At Philadelphia, 1721; witnessed will of Nicholas Waln, jr., by Byberry. Isaac is named in 1726 as administrator of the estate of Richard Lavendar, and in his father's will of 1732, "and if my said son Isaac should hereafter be restored to his former capacity, marry, and have legal issue, then I give" &c; also in deed H l, page 47, 1734; deed G 6, page 419, 1734; deed D 54, page 38, 1735; deed E 7, page 331, 1735; and in all deeds conveying parts of the estate of his father.
Rebecca is named in her father's will and in deed G 6, page 419; also in all that pertain to the sale of her father's estate.

Third Generation

James married second, in 1778, Elizabeth Wager, born February 2Z, 1749, daughter of Jacob Wager, born February 23, 1724,: and wife, Gertrude (Supplee) born March 25, 1726, descendants of early Swedish settlers on Schuylkill river, near the present site of Norristown, Montgomery county, Pa. James, with his wife Elizabeth, removed to the western part of Chester county Pa, and there bought 260 acres of land partly in West Cain and partly in Honeybrook townships. His farmhouse was about two miles northeast of the hamlet of Compassville, and about one mile from the western border of the county. The sons and daughters of his first wife, Hannah, visited their father in Chester county and are all named in his will, signed January 12, 1790, proved May 5, 1795, and recorded at West Chester, Pa., in Will Book I, volume 9, page 325. All the sons and daughters by his wife Elizabeth were born at the second homestead in West Cain township. James died in the spring of 1795, and was buried in Friends Meeting ground, near Wagontown, a hamlet about four miles southeast of his dwelling. His wife Elizabeth was buried in the same ground in the spring of 1814.

Fourth Generation

Children of Susannah Cooper and John Breese

{TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: As indicated in later published genealogies, this listing is incorrect -- perhaps a major printer's error; these children belong to Susannah's brother James, by his three wives Naomi Nelson [Naomi, Caroline, and Hannah]; Mary Albritson [William], and Sarah Comly [Cortland through Strickland]. Susannah's children, if any, are unknown. -- HCMacDougall}

Sixth Generation

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