Other activities

Information on the activities of the Society will be shared and disseminated through the creation of a resource library containing pamphlets, brochures, videotapes, audiotapes, journals and books.

In Discussion  

Dr. Tamara Albertini
Swami Ajaya
Dr. James Austin
Dr. Matthew Chandrankunnel
Dr. Christopher Key Chapple
Dr. Rita Sinha Dasgupta
Dr. Michael Faux

Dr. Gregory P. Fields
Swami Harihararananda
Dr. John M. Koller
Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn

Dr. Ashok K. Malhotra
Dr. Avinash V. Patwardan
Leonard Perlmutter
Dr. V. V. Raman
Dr. Henry Rosemont
Dr. Douglas Shrader
Adriana Steffans
Roop Verma
Tracy Verma
Student Panel - May '07

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Yoga Home

Furthermore, dialogue with the chairpersons and members of LSI groups will be initiated through email and by visiting their respective institutes.

Videotapes on the yoga and meditation sessions will be created and broadcast on the public access TV channel to reach the community. These videotapes will be available to the local community groups, schools, health care centers, nursing homes, among others.

An essay competition will be started where undergraduate students will write a paper on the relationship between religion and science. The two to three best essays will be given awards at the annual meeting and will be published in the Oneonta Studies Series. Additionally, these essays will be read as papers at the NY State Asian Studies Conference.

For more information contact Dr. Ashok Malhotra at 607-436-3220, the Department of Philosophy at 607-436-2456, or the Center for Social Responsibility at 607-436-2651