As members of the Society, this diverse group of individuals will meet formally on a regular basis to discuss and debate topics relating to the “religious and spiritual significance of science and the value of religious insight for science and society” by using the research conducted on the effects of yoga and meditation on the human personality and their implications for the spiritual strengthening of the individual and the society. The members of the group will have a yearly calendar of events consisting of:


Yoga Home

  • Monthly meetings to engage in a lively formal and informal discussion of books, articles or research studies dealing with specific topics (e.g. Gregory Field’s Book, Religious Therapeutics). These will be organized and coordinated by Society members on a rotating basis. Some of the topics to be covered may include:
    • health and healing (physical, mental and spiritual dimensions as presented by science and religions of East and West)
    • meaning, significance and value of life in science and religion
    • universal and particular consciousness
    • death and dying
    • freedom and dignity
    • personal identity and creating a fulfilled life
    • value of compassionate social responsibility
    • meaningful society for the perfection of human being.
  • Quarterly seminars featuring visiting scholars from the Northeast region who have done specific research in the area of the interrelationship between science and religion, such as Richard Davidson’s studies on “Meditation Shifts Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex.”
  • An annual lectureship by an exceptional national or international scientist or author in the area of science and spirituality, such as Dr. Herbert Benson’s discussion of his research in his book, The Relaxation Response.
  • Weekly scheduled guided yoga and meditation sessions for all members of the College and local community (with special sessions added before midterm and final examinations); and additional special occasion sessions geared to the needs of high school students, doctors, nurses, lawyers and other professionals.

Meetings and events of the Society will be advertised through on-campus publications, local newspapers, church and synagogue newsletters, campus and local radio and public access TV, and on the Society’s website (see below).

For more information contact Dr. Ashok Malhotra at 607-436-3220, the Department of Philosophy at 607-436-2456, or the Center for Social Responsibility at 607-436-2651