The State University of New York (SUNY) College at Oneonta is a multi-purpose liberal arts and sciences college, known for an outstanding and accessible faculty, students committed to academics and community service, exceptional facilities, and its beautiful campus. From its beginning in 1889 as a state normal school with the single mission of preparing teachers, the institution has grown into a comprehensive college offering 68 undergraduate majors, 4 pre-professional majors/programs, and 16 cooperative programs with other institutions. Total full and part time enrollment is about 5,700 students, both undergraduate (5,477) and graduate (251).


Yoga Home

Located in one of New York State's most scenic and historic upstate areas, Oneonta, a community with 15,000 residents, lies midway between Albany and Binghamton (approximately 200 miles northwest of New York City). The College is dedicated to excellence in teaching, advisement, and scholarly activities, and the cultivation of a campus environment rich in opportunities for participation, personal challenge, and service. The College has a very strong connection to the community and has received numerous distinctions and awards for its outstanding commitment to character development and to connecting their students through service to help meet critical needs in their communities.

Several programs and initiatives within the College will greatly enhance and support the activities of the Society. Activities will be held in the Multicultural Center, the Morris Conference Center and the Hunt Student Union on the SUNY Oneonta campus.

As outlined in the Background section, the Philosophy Department has embraced the exploration of the relationship of science, religion and spirituality, and has supported this dialogue over the years. The Department developed and, for the past eight years, has hosted the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, which convenes on a yearly basis with more than sixty students and faculty from all over the USA.

Established on the campus in 1994 with funding from the Kellogg Foundation through the "Socially Responsible Students Build a Strong Community and a New Civil Society" program, the Center for Social Responsibility and Community (CSRC) fosters the union of academic study and voluntary community service, providing a wide range of avenues through which students participate in a full range of service, volunteer, and philanthropic experiences.

The Center for Multicultural Experiences (CME) sponsors social and academic events that celebrate, embrace, and enhance one’s knowledge and understanding of individuals and groups from other nations and the various ethnic and racial communities. It hosts regular meetings of several international student clubs (e.g., Asian Student Club, Open Minded Unity, Hispanic Organization for Learning and Advancement [HOLA], Students of Color Coalition, Muslim Community), and a weekly International Coffee Hour which is regularly well attended by international and American students, faculty, staff and, most notably, several members of the community. The CME will serve as a venue for the weekly yoga and meditation sessions, as will the Hunt College Union.

For more information contact Dr. Ashok Malhotra at 607-436-3220, the Department of Philosophy at 607-436-2456, or the Center for Social Responsibility at 607-436-2651